DVD - Casting & Strategy
DVD - Casting & Strategy
DVD - Casting & Strategy

DVD - Casting & Strategy

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DVD - Casting & Strategy

Sprache: Englisch und Dänisch (Untertitel)

Dauer: 90 min

PAL 16:9

The film is about fly fishing with double handed and switch rods. When you are able to combine these three factors:
• Choice of tackle
• Strategy
• Casting technique
– then your fly fishing becomes a game and much more effective. Casting instructor Ronny Lagoni Thomsen takes you on a trip to many different fishing locations to demonstrate how this is true in real fishing conditions.
He walks you through the tackle setup and shows you precisely how to put together your gear to match the conditions where you are fishing. We change location all the time to show both choice of tackle, fishing strategy and the more specialized casts needed to fly fish under all conditions. This film is for both the beginner and the advanced fly caster. Through one and a half hour and 23 chapters Ronny guides you to a more effective fly fishing for salmon and seatrout with double handed and switch rods.

Chapters in the movie:

  • Basic physics
  • Overhand and underhand cast
  • 180 degree rule
  • The tackle setup
  • Rod actions
  • Short and long shooting heads
  • Lines density
  • Line management
  • Spey and Scandinavian style
  • Angling the cast
  • Active D-loop
  • The Circle C cast
  • Casting under trees
  • Trees above you
  • The reach cast
  • Fishing small streams
  • Fishing an inside curve
  • Casting with your left hand
  • Skagit casting
  • Fishing big flies with light tackle
  • Casting in narrow spaces
  • Obstructions in the water
  • Long distance casting
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